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A logo is a symbol of your company’s brand. It should be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the type of service you provide.

It is your first impression, so it has to be perfect. This small design element can become a significant part of a company’s identity.

If you don’t think logos are that important, then you haven’t found the right one.

Pay Attention to the Smaller Things

    • Evaluate Your Brand

We take stock of how you want to present your brand – young and hip, classic and sophisticated, delicate and feminine; whatever it is, we’ll find that right fit.

    • Offer Concept Designs

We keep churning out ideas to create logo concepts to see how they look in physical form. We want to offer you a concept that sounds great and looks even better.

    • Stay Contemporary

With the latest design software and well-trained design staff on-board, we create logo designs that resonate with today’s audience. Nothing rehashed, nothing re-branded. Good old fashion original hard work.

Passion │ Design Skills │ Aesthetic Sense

    • Manage Expectations

With a logo, the key is saying more with less. But you do want to say something worthwhile to capture your customer’s attention.  At Bracing Media, we bring in that balance and manage expectations to create the perfect logo.

    • Design a Logo

We have a whole team of experienced graphic designers who understand the anatomy of a logo. Trust them to design an image that you want to convey your message.

    • Choose the Best

We deliver not one, two…but six options for you to choose from. Each design option is distinctly different from another, but all will convey your message in an effective manner. You get to choose the winner.


Our Logo Service starts at $150. At this level, we create a logo based on a survey you complete to let us know. Leave the creative process to us and we’ll show you what we come up with.

Ready to Get Professional Logo Design ?

Your logo team will deliver concept logos for your approval within 3 – 5 days.

Once delivered you can select the concept that best fits your needs and request custom revisions as needed, but no major changes or additions to the image will be implemented unless you start a new order.

Once payment is made, we will walk you through a questionaire to help us narrow down your preferences. From that point on, leave it to us to deliver great concept for your selection.

Logo Price: $ 150.00

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