Onboarding SEO Client

Businesses listed on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of web traffic.

67% of that traffic goes to the top 5 listings

This means if your business isn’t listed in those results, you’re practically invisible to online customers looking to purchase your services or products.

We can help.

Optimizing your business for better online presence is what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about.

It’s important to realize SEO is a LONG-TERM strategy. Results can take 6 months or more depending on competiveness of your business type and market.

Our services deliver the best results for businesses that already

1. Have active and healthy interaction in their area.

2. Have a consistent flow of leads and customers.

3. Have a good reputation and solid service or product.

If your business meets the above items, please fill out the short form below. The answers you provide give us what we need to design a plan that will deliver maximum results for your business.

IMPORTANT: We only work with a small number of SEO clients to ensure our complete focus to detail and achieving results for our clients. So, fill out the short form below now

Please also note that payment is due before any work is to be done. Payment can be submitted HERE.


You will need the following in order to fill out the form:

      • Google Drive Share Folder Link (URL) where all your media files are stored and ready to share with us. We will optimize the media files as part of the SEO strategy.
      • Your Social Media URLs (if any)

These are not covered in the questionaire. We will obtain this information from you over the phone or online meeting.

      • Website access (username/password)
      • FTP access (if any)
      • CPanel access (if you know this)

Client SEO Onboarding Questionaire

Videos are posted below the form to assist you in giving us access to your Google properties.  Our email address is bracingmedia@gmail.com

Help Videos

How to give us access to your Google My Busines




How to give us access to your Google Analytics





How to give us access to your Google Search Console





How to give us access to your Google Drive for Media sharing